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Flux Node Hosting

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€11.00 EUR Monthly

Presearch Node Hosting

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€5.00 EUR Monthly

Morpheus Network

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€8.00 EUR Monthly

Have ZERO Experience in Hosting?

If you don’t have any experience in hosting and just want to start earning by hosting your nodes , don’t worry we got you covered with fully managed Servers! An Administrator will be assigned to you for configuring your Node in our hosting environment and connecting your wallet. you keep your coins on your wallet. we don't have access to your coin and wallet.

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Data Centers location

We host blockchain nodes in several data centers across Europe, and we provide a fully managed nodes with 99.9% uptime.

160 locations worldwide

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why choose HostMyNode ?

we provide a quality node hosting service

We operate

You send your node configuration to us and we handle the rest. From node creation, monitoring to upgrades.

You earn

We will work hard to make sure you do not lose any node rewards.

You Stake

Your coins never leaves your wallet, leaving you in total control of your assets.


All of our servers are optimized per project. Unlike VPS providers who constantly over-provision resources, we will stay on top of all benchmark and uptime checks.


Our custom monitoring solution ensures all servers are up, and nodes are up to date and passing benchmarks. In events where servers go down, our platform will automatically start deploying node configurations to our backup servers based on node rank to help mitigate fewer nodes from going offline.

Easy to Get Started

With mulitple tiers of nodes available, it is easy to get started with very little time or monetary commitment.

Ease of Use

Managing your Nodes is simple with our easy cloud management options. Upgrade your node, or increase the number of nodes you have at any time.

24/7 Expert Support

Have access to our full support team to help work through technical issues, and work with our team of security experts to make sure your servers stay secure at all times.

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We are here to provide assistance with large deployments, Fully managed nodes, keep your coin and get paid ! Get in touch below.

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